Lady Reveals Stupidest Thing She Ever Did for Love – Sending him Ghc 150 for 7 Months Until he Dumped Her

A Ghanaian lady took to an online thread asking people to list the stupidest things they ever did for love and in sharing her story, she revealed that she fed her ex-boyfriend every month; giving him Ghc 150 for 7 months despite her monthly salary not being enough.

what made her story sad was she noted that the said boyfriend she sacrificed for dumped her in a long run without any proper excuse for breaking up with her.

She wrote: “That is the most stupid mistake I ever did….I used to send my ex 150gh every week for more than 7months …he broke up with me with the excuse that his pastor asked him to fast and pray for 3days so we should break up for that 3days …it been 4months now.”

although other people do more crazier stuff for love especially on the side of men but get dumped as well She claims her entire experience has made her bitter and jaded since she saw the boyfriend as an innocent boy who also loved her.

her story has received varied reactions and we hope to hear your thoughts as well. Kindly leave a comment in our comments section.

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