Kofi Adoma’s wife set to be enstooled as the Queen of Banda

Mrs Miracle Adoma, the wife of renowned radio and television presenter Kofi Adoma Nwanwani, is set to be enstooled as the Development Queen (Nkosuo Hemaa) of Banda Ahenkro in the Bono Region. The coronation, scheduled to take place later this year, will be organized by the traditional council, according to reliable sources.

Nana Adjei Duku, the Regent of Banda, recently praised Mrs Miracle Adoma, acknowledging her benevolence and numerous philanthropic projects that have endeared her to the residents of Banda. He emphasized that her admirable character is worth emulating, hence the decision of the traditional authority to honor her with the title of Development Queen.

Contrary to popular belief that Miracle is a new addition to Kofi Adoma’s family, his father, Mr Samuel Okra, revealed in an interview with Gh Obra TV that Miracle has been his wife for over 18 years. They have a child who is currently 18 years old and studying at the university.

Kofi Adoma, known for his successful career in broadcasting, has previously stated that he hails from Kato and spent his formative years there. However, his father provided some background information, stating that Kofi Adoma was actually born in Fetentaa in the Berekum District before moving to Berekum estate and eventually settling in Berekum Kato. He clarified that although Kofi Adoma adopted Berekum as his hometown, he is originally from Banda.

The recognition of Mrs Miracle Adoma by the traditional authority is a testament to her exceptional qualities and contributions to the community. The upcoming coronation ceremony promises to be a momentous occasion for both Mrs Adoma and the people of Banda Ahenkro.


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