Iyanya reveals why he finds finds Yvonne Nelson addictive.

– Iyanya opens up about his relationship with Yvonne Nelson in her memoir
– Iyanya’s interviews in Ghana, focusing on their breakup
– Iyanya describes their relationship as beautiful and captivating
– Iyanya reveals getting a tattoo of Yvonne Nelson’s name and their plans for the future
– Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya’s romantic journey and eventual breakup

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Iyanya Opens Up About His Relationship with Yvonne Nelson

Nigerian popstar, Iyanya, recently shared his side of the story regarding his courtship days with actress Yvonne Nelson. Featured in Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson,’ Iyanya addresses the accusations of cheating made by the actress. Currently in Ghana for interviews, Iyanya has taken the opportunity to shed light on their relationship and the reasons behind their breakup.

In an interview on GHOne’s ‘Toast,’ Iyanya spoke openly about his experiences with Yvonne Nelson, describing their relationship as incredibly beautiful. He couldn’t help but emphasize how captivating and irresistible she was. “We had a serious relationship. She was my girl, and our connection was truly remarkable. When you’re with her, it becomes addictive, and you find yourself completely immersed in it,” Iyanya revealed.

The depth of their relationship was evident through Iyanya’s actions, as he even got a tattoo of Yvonne Nelson’s name on his arm. This tattoo symbolized his belief that she was the one and his vision of a future together. However, Iyanya admitted that he no longer has the tattoo, as he replaced it with something else. Despite this change, he still cherishes the memories they shared and describes the entire experience as beautiful.

Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya’s romantic journey began in 2012, but after three years, they decided to part ways. Their breakup was undoubtedly a difficult decision, considering the strong connection they shared. However, life has a way of taking unexpected turns, and sometimes relationships reach their natural end.

In conclusion, Iyanya’s openness about his relationship with Yvonne Nelson provides a glimpse into the depth and beauty of their connection. Despite the challenges they faced and the eventual breakup, both individuals have moved forward in their lives. Their story serves as a reminder that even though relationships may end, the memories and experiences shared can still hold a special place in our hearts.

Iyanya reveals why he finds finds Yvonne Nelson addictive.



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