Is Abena Korkor truely sick? – Here is what we found

For the past several days, we have been paying close attention to all the internet has to offer. We have done it three times now, and we have realized that certain individuals are only interested in gaining clout in order to make their miserable butts as important as possible.

Some people, for example, purposefully cook useless and unproductive food in order to attract the attention of netizens. Abena Korkor, in my opinion, is an excellent illustration of this.

Without seeming prejudiced, we can not understand how a supposedly bipolar patient like Abena Korkor can safely keep track of everyone she is or vice versa.

In any event, when she spills all the claimed secrets between herself and the said guys who can not find any lady except a problematic one like her, she comes out as spiteful rather than sick. We can’t guarantee the men she mentioned are innocent, but we doubt they all went through whatever it was that prompted their encounters.

Did these men want to take advantage of Abena Korkor’s alleged illness in order to get her into bed? What are your thoughts on this? Please let us know what you think.

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