“My boss was married but i still slept with him”- Mzbel

Mzbel, a Ghanaian songstress, has provided an honest look into her early days as an artist and revealed a part of her journey that involved an office romance with her former boss. Mzbel’s revelations were made in an interview that was published on her website.
The singer recently made an appearance on a talk show, where she discussed the intimate details of her relationship with her boss, who is married.

Mzbel emphasized the way in which this personal connection played a significant part in the development of her professional path.

During the course of the talk show, Mzbel admitted that she had a romantic relationship with her former boss back when she was first beginning her career as an artist. The affair continued despite the fact that her former boss was already married at the time.

Mzbel admitted that she had feelings for him and revealed that she had accepted his proposal of love because of their mutual affection.

The artist continued by explaining that the unexpectedly favorable impact her romantic relationship with her superior had on her professional standing was a result of the fact that they were romantically involved.

Her boss took note of her abilities as a singer and dancer, and as a result, she was introduced to influential people in the industry who aided in the development of her artistic skills.

Mzbel attributed her eventual rise to stardom to this mentorship, claiming that if it weren’t for the office romance, she may not have developed into the adored artist that she is today.

Mzbel concluded her confession by saying that she didn’t care if her affair with her boss wrecked his home or broke the heart of his wife because she did what she needed to do to survive. She had an affair with her boss.

Watch the video that has been provided below to learn more…

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