I’m calm these days because I want to be a ‘Presidential Material’ – Kennedy Agyapong says

– Kennedy Agyapong’s Silence and his aspirations for the Presidency
– Opposition’s attempt to use his outspoken nature against him
– Agyapong’s belief in his God-given destiny to lead the NPP
– His commitment to fighting for his party and the voiceless in society
– Addressing critics who question his suitability for the presidency
– Agyapong’s confidence in his ability to lead the NPP and continue the country’s development
– Agyapong’s determination to fulfill his presidential ambitions and the challenges he may face.

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Kennedy Agyapong’s Presidential Aspirations: A Maverick Politician’s Journey

Kennedy Agyapong, the Assin Central Member of Parliament (MP) and an aspiring flagbearer for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has recently chosen to remain silent on various issues, attributing this decision to his desire to be seen as presidential material. Over the years, Agyapong has been known for his vociferous nature when it comes to matters of national interest and his party. However, he believes his opponents are eager to exploit this characteristic to undermine his presidential ambitions. Agyapong, however, remains unfazed, confident that their attempts will be in vain.

In the eyes of this maverick politician, his bid to lead the NPP is not just a personal ambition but a divine calling. Agyapong firmly believes that his destiny to become the NPP’s flagbearer is ordained by God, and he is determined to fulfill that purpose. Addressing delegates in the Western North Region, he made it clear that his passionate outbursts on television and radio are driven by his commitment to fighting for the NPP and the voiceless Ghanaians in society.

However, there are those who question whether Agyapong’s outspoken nature makes him suitable for the presidency. In response to these critics, he has made a conscious decision to refrain from engaging in further public discourse. Agyapong now sees himself as presidential material, and he believes that his actions will speak louder than words. He is confident that he possesses all the necessary qualities to lead the NPP and, ultimately, become the President of Ghana. No matter how fiercely his opponents may fight against him, Agyapong remains steadfast in his belief that the will of God cannot be altered.

Despite his controversial past, Agyapong firmly believes that he has the potential to lead the NPP and continue the development of the country. His unwavering dedication to his party and the marginalized sections of society is evident in his vocal advocacy. Agyapong’s determination to fight for what he believes in has earned him a reputation as a formidable force within the NPP. He sees himself as a champion for his party and a voice for the voiceless, and he is ready to take on the challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, Kennedy Agyapong’s aspirations to become the NPP’s flagbearer and, ultimately, the President of Ghana are fueled by his conviction that it is his divine calling. Despite facing opposition and criticism, Agyapong remains resolute in his belief that his past actions and experiences have equipped him with the necessary qualities to lead the NPP to retain power and continue the nation’s development. Only time will tell whether Agyapong’s determination and faith in his abilities will be rewarded, but one thing is certain: he will not back down from the pursuit of his presidential ambitions.

I’m calm these days because I want to be a ‘Presidential Material’ – Kennedy Agyapong says


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