If a lady refuses to date you, date her younger or elder sister – Young man advises

A young Nigerian man has taken to social media to offer advice to his peers on how to handle female rejection.

He suggested that the only way to move on from a lady’s rejection was to move on to her siblings.

The young lad, who went by the name of Onwuka Udonsi, stated that if you have been turned down by a lady, you should get even with her by using his siblings as payback.

But he added that men should not accept defeat in this manner, but should instead leave the woman and date either as a younger or older sister to the woman in question.

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In his words, ”If a lady refused to date you, Go and date her senior or younger sister. She must learn a lesson.”

below is a screenshot;

'If A Lady Refused To Date You, Date Her Elder or Younger Sister' - Man Urges Single Men