“I saw in a vision; God has taken the power from the Elephant”- Owusu Bempah

Rev Owusu Bempah, a Ghanaian pastor, has made a startling prediction regarding the election chances of the New Patriotic Party, a party that he has supported wholeheartedly over the course of his career.

The elephant, according to him, has been stripped of its power by God, indicating a shift in political authority away from the current government and toward the opposition party.

Rev Owusu Bempah delivered the prophecy at his church, Glorious Word Power Ministries International, in which he utilized parables and idealistic language to forecast how the election outcome in 2024 will be…in which the NPP is more likely to lose power to the NDC, among other things.

He stated that God had taken away the power and keys from the elephant with the tail of the snake, which had been crowned as king of Ghana years before this event.

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It is the same angel, bursting with power, who provided the key to the beast with a tail like an elephant and a serpent’s head… The same fiery angel was instructed to get the key from the elephant by a voice from the heavens that sounded like a prophet.

…the silence in heaven was deafening… The elephant with a serpent’s tail sought to bite the blazing angel who had earlier given it the keys… but was unsuccessful… The burning angel, on the other hand, was protected from the elephant by another mighty angel of the Lord.”

Rev Owusu Bempah said that, in light of the disclosure, the “elephant” party had only a narrow possibility of winning the 2024 election, with the National Democratic Congress (NDC) holding a significant advantage. It is his opinion that the existing government has done everything possible to avoid the circumstance because God has already decided the outcome of the 2024 election in their favor.

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Another archangel, on the other hand, advised the burning angel to hold the key until the next instruction because the Lord desires to give the key to someone who will pay attention to what he says.

I saw blackness, then light, and then the visual faded away from my field of view completely. However, what I witnessed was exactly what happened… The identity of the person who will be crowned has already been revealed, but the time has arrived for the identity to be revealed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something. Please do not bring it up. Simply remaining silent and observing is sufficient.

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