I Made The Decision To Do Music In 2018 – Efia Odo Says

– Efya Odo’s decision to venture into music
– Anticipation from Ghanaian social media
– Release of debut songs in 2023
– Decision to do music in 2018 after vocal coaching
– Surprise at her musical talent
– Taking music seriously and financing it herself
– Personal songwriting

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Efya Odo’s Journey into Music

Efya Odo, the popular Ghanaian social media personality, recently made a decision that took many by surprise. After much contemplation, she decided to venture into the world of music. The Ghanaian social media space buzzed with anticipation when she announced her debut song.

In 2023, Efya Odo dropped a freestyle titled “Roll Over” and followed it up with the release of singles like “Getting to the Bag” and “Freak.” These songs garnered attention and showcased her musical talent to the world. In a recent interview with ZionFelix, Efya Odo revealed that her decision to pursue music came in 2018, after receiving vocal coaching from Kwame Yeboah.

To Efya’s surprise, people were shocked when they discovered her hidden musical talent. It seems that her ability to captivate an audience goes beyond her social media persona. This revelation motivated her to take music seriously, treating it not as a mere hobby, but as a passion she is willing to invest in.

Efya Odo emphasized that she is personally financing her music career, evident in the high-quality videos she has released. She has poured her own resources into ensuring that her music stands out and resonates with her audience. This dedication showcases her determination to make a mark in the music industry.

Another aspect that sets Efya Odo apart is her personal involvement in the creation of her songs. She disclosed that she personally writes her lyrics, adding a touch of authenticity to her music. This hands-on approach allows her to express herself fully and connect with her listeners on a deeper level.

In conclusion, Efya Odo’s decision to venture into music has proven to be a remarkable journey. From surprising the Ghanaian social media space with her talent to taking music seriously and financing it herself, she is determined to make her mark in the industry. With her personal songwriting skills and dedication, Efya Odo is well on her way to becoming a rising star in the music scene.

Watch her video below;


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