"I get filled with the holy spirit very often"- Wendy shay

“I get filled with the holy spirit very often”- Wendy shay

Wendy Shay has discussed the things that she does when she is overwhelmed with the Holy Spirit.

During an interview with Abeiku Santana on Okay FM, the artist signed to RuffTown Records,discussed some of the more spiritual aspects of her life.

When she feels the presence of the Holy Spirit, Wendy says that she is moved to tears and begins to speak in tongues.

“When the Holy Spirit descends on me, I speak in tongues, I cry, my heart is broken, yeah. That’s my secret… You don’t have to know my secret,” the songstress divulged.

The singer well known for her hit song “Heat” emphasized that the tears she shed during that time were not the result of suffering but rather delight.

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“The last time I was spirit-filled…I think it was actually yesterday. It’s a regular thing I do. I like to connect to my source.

“It’s not like I cry because I am sad, it’s tears of joy. A joy in my heart that makes me happy,” she detailed.