We buried Mohbad early because he died young – Father reveals

Mohbad’s father, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, has now explained why the musician was buried so quickly.

A few days after Mohbad’s death, social media was flooded with footage of his burial, leading several netizens to question its veracity.

In a series of interviews, his father, Mr. Joseph Aloba, a preacher, acknowledged that the musician had been buried and that they had to do it quickly.

According to the Father, Mohbad died at a young age, and in Yoruba culture, someone who dies at a young age must be buried immediately after death, hence the family’s decision to bury him soon after his death.

“In Yoruba land, his corpse is not the kind to be kept when both of his parents are still alive,” he explained. Assuming he died at a later age, we might have contemplated burying his remains and retrieving them later. We carried him away from there that night and buried him there.”

Mohbad’s father explained that he was buried on a yam farm since it was the only piece of property his son owned and the only location he could think of burying him because his son had originally given him the land to build a chapel.

“The land where Mohbad was buried was his only land, the only land I know he owned.” He truly gave me the land on which to build my church because we had both agreed to build it there and because that was the only land I knew him to have.”

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