House Girl caught trying to pour blood from her menses into her boss’ food – Watch Video

A housemaid was apprehended while she was in the process of attempting to contaminate her employer’s food with her own menstrual blood. This upsetting incident has left many people in a state of disbelief.

The disturbing event, which was captured on camera, has sparked conversations about trust, safety, and the boundaries that are crossed in domestic spaces.

The gravity of her intentions is glaringly obvious, which begs the question of what could possibly motivate someone to behave in such a nefarious way.

It would appear that the mishap occurred when the housekeeper was given the task of transferring a predetermined amount of palm oil from a larger container to a smaller one. This was a task that was intended for the preparation of meals throughout the course of the week.

However, her nefarious intent was concealed within the innocent request, as she attempted to mix her own menstrual blood with palm oil in order to put her employer’s health in jeopardy and expose them to serious risks.

The housekeeper in the video, whose name has been withheld to protect her privacy, can be seen holding a plastic cup that appears to contain her menstrual blood.

As can be seen in the video that has gone viral, she was seen standing next to a container of palm oil, obviously getting ready to tamper with the very food that her boss and his children would consume.

Watch the video below;


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