Ghanaian school drop out, invents machine that helps farmers break cocoa pods, ask Government for help

Samuel Ebo Ghunney, a 28-year-old Ghanaian, designed a machine that quickly cracks cocoa pods for farmers to boost output.

In an interview, the young guy explained that he created the ‘Noghusam’ machine to alleviate the tension that cocoa farmers, in particular, experience before selling their seeds.

Most of the time, cocoa producers enlist the support of a large group of people to break the cocoa and remove the seeds for drying.

Samuel Ebo decided to invent this machine to speed up the procedure in order to alleviate the farmers’ worry and financial burden.

He also asked the Ghanaian government to assist him in producing more of the devices for cocoa producers.

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Meanwhile, Samuel Ebo Ghunney, who could not finish his education at Winneba Vocation Institute, dropped out and now lives in Sankor, a fishing hamlet in the Central Region.

The video is embedded below.