Wife finds husband’s passport at home after he told her he has traveled to Dubai

The cover of a Nigerian man who was rumored to have been traveling to Dubai on official business without his passport for international travel has been blown.

The unfaithful husband told his wife a week ago that he was going to the United Arab Emirates, but when she checked, she found that his international passport was still at their house.

According to Martin Okorowu, a tweep, and neighbor who shared the story on Twitter, the lady discovered the passport while she was cleaning the house. Martin Okorowu shared the information.

“My next-door neighbor has been in Dubai for roughly a week at this point. The day before yesterday, while she was cleaning the house, his wife discovered his International Passport. Wahala dey oooh,” he wrote in one of his tweets.

After learning that her husband had lied about his travel plans, that woman is left with the feeling that she has been betrayed and that her heart is broken.

A user on Twitter made the following observation: “Let him tell her, nowadays your passport details and visa are stored as QR codes.” After they have scanned the code that is displayed on your smartphone, you will be free to go. However, as a safety measure, he needs to have his chest protector and helmet on while he is providing this explanation.

Below is the post;

Wife finds husband’s passport at home after he told her he has traveled to Dubai


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