Funny Face Baby Mama Exposed for using love charms on funny face (video)

Nicole Ama Vanessa, the baby mama of mentally ill Ghanaian comedian and actor Funny Face, has sparked new interest on social media.

Vanessa’s every step has been scrutinized since her baby daddy Funny Face was taken to a psychiatric facility in Ghana for the second time.

Vanessa Nicole has started selling feminine hygiene products as well as charms to attract men online, which has gotten a lot of people talking.

On her Instagram page, the mother of twins posted a video of herself detailing how powerful her goods are and how her customers have won the hearts of wealthy men with them.

She used herself as an example, and she also cited a couple of customers who have had amazing results with her mixture, which she called “Almighty Red Oil,” for p*$$y tightening and also for captivating guys.

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“Hello are you suffering from heartbreaks is your man cheating on you, is your man making you feel less of yourself is your man complaining any time he comes in contact with you. My dear this is all you need, this is the ALMIGHTY RED OIL AND THE FORGET ME NOT the LOVE ME TILL DEATH even in death he was still remember you DM me for yours as soon as possible both 300gh for the combo We deliver worldwide” She wrote in the caption.

After the video went viral, many people wondered whether that was what she used to entice Funny Face to give birth with her.

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Others urged women not to use the product because the negative effects could place their partner in a psychiatric institution, similar to Vanessa and Funny Face’s case.

Watch the video below:

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