I’m the most verbally abused Ghanaian president in history – President Nana addo

Ghana’s current president, Nana Addo, has shouted out, stressing the harsh treatment he is receiving from his compatriots in terms of verbal abuse.

To the best of President Nana Addo’s knowledge, he is still the most reviled political figure in Ghana.

He lamented the fact that certain media outlets and private groups deliberately broadcast unflattering information about him in order to smear his name and records.

“I find it ironic that the presidency of a man who has been and continues to be daily the most vilified political figure of his generation can be accused of presiding over a culture of silence”,

He addressed this over the weekend during a special congregation held in his honor at the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

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Despite nonsensical criticisms, Nana Addo claims that his presidency has been consistently badmouthed and demonized by Ghanaians and political opponents and that he would do all in his power to improve Ghana’s circumstances for the better.

Nana Addo, as a reminder, is a Ghanaian politician and the current President of the Republic of Ghana. He has been the President of the United States since January 7, 2017.

Nana Addo was re-elected to a second term in office, which will finish on January 6, 2025.