Details about the rich man whom Moesha is about to get married to surfaces online

After saving Moesha from suicide, a viral video of her professing celibacy till marriage went viral.

In the video, the actress and former nudist states that she will preserve her secondary virginity until she marries.

he said

…now I feel closer to God and right now I have peace of mind. I’m so happy so I told my boyfriend that I won’t be sleeping with him again till we get married. I will never ever ever sleep with any man again till God gives me the right man. And I’m going to worship him, I am focusing on God now,

Moesha’s medical expenditures are being paid by her soon to be husband, not Ayisha Modi, as Ayisha Modi claimed she had spent 1.7 billion old cedis on her so far.

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Ayisha Modi is a bloody liar, and if she still claims to have spent 1.7 billion cedis on Moesha, she should produce invoices.

Great Aba Wrote

Mama Theresa, according to my source( a very very reliable source) you have NOT contributed anything towards Moesha’s upkeep , talkless of “wasting” more than ghc1.7billion on her according to you… i have been informed that you ask @gh_mouthpiece to come out to say Salma Mumin also contributed ghc10,000 which is untrue.

We are also told Moesha’s boyfriend is the one footing every bill on her, what do you have to say about this? I’m finding it hard to believe so We need you to help with receipt on that effect, this way what u have put in the public domain already, can be back with proof…

what baffles the mind of Moesha’s close associate is that, you haven’t seen or met Moesha before but you talk as though you’ve known her all your life and knows her every move… they are baffled and confused… some clarification will be in order….


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It’s also been reported that the wealthy young man who has opted to remain hidden is a big-time businessman.

He has 20 residences and drives the latest automobiles.

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