Destiny Etiko shares testimony on how God delivered her after colleagues caused her strange ailment - Video

Destiny Etiko shares testimony on how God delivered her after colleagues caused her strange ailment – Video

Destiny Etiko, a popular Nigerian actress, got netizens buzzing when she shared her experience on social media.

The actress shared a video on social media in which she described waking up one day with excruciating discomfort in her neck.

According to the actress, she first assumed it was due to the manner she slept. She realized this was not the case as the discomfort continued and she began to walk about.

Destiny went on to say that she went to the hospital to get it looked out, but the doctors found nothing wrong with her, so she turned to prayer.

Yet, Etiko added that even after her pastor and her mother’s pastor prayed for her, nothing changed, and she recognized this was not an average circumstance.

The actress went on to say that considering the profession she works in, some individuals would have intended to assault her.

Destiny proceeded to tell her narrative, explaining that she needed to return to Enugu for additional prayers from her mother’s pastor, but it didn’t work, so she went back to her base in Asaba.

The actress went on to say that the agony in her neck became so unbearable that she began to pray to God and heard a voice instructing her to speak to her creator.

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Etiko claimed that she began praying so frantically that she began speaking in tongues as she pleaded with God to have compassion and erase the turmoil from her life.

According to the actress, she felt as if cold water had been poured on her as the agony in her neck and back began to subside.

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“The courage she took to share this shouldn’t be taken for granted. I wish her a speedy recovery.”


“This is meant to be a testimony in the church not for us abi .”


“Better go nd do proper diagnosis and be sure it’s not early stage of cervical spondylosis and treat it early before you will think it’s pastor that prayed for u to heal..Yes bad people Dey and miracles happen but go to the hospital .”


“When you feel pains pls go to the hospital. Run tests and general check up. Sometimes everything isn’t spiritual or enemies. It could be stress.”


“If colleagues wanted to harm, there are places to attack and it won’t be by inflicting neck pain. Maybe you slept with your neck placed the wrong way. I had similar experience and for almost two weeks I thought it was an attack until I stopped using a pillow and was mindful of how I slept. Not everything be attack.”


“If u doubt this story..just pray never to experience something like this that will make u believe. Cos u go run kiti kata for solution oo. Ha ..”


“Pastor abi herbalist auntie talk true Tell us the name of the pastor make he they pray for us too Funny so now na your colleagues do you Nawao dis is accusation go court.”


“Buy better pillow, make your colleagues rest. No be everything be spiritual attack.”


“Spiritual things are real. I believe her. And I pray God comes through for anyone who needs him. ”


“Pastor no be doctor! Go hospital and find out is wrong with you.”