after a man cleaned Tema Gutters with his Susu Money, People have started dumping rubbish there again.

Some people, especially in this part of the world known as Ghana, were born with missing screws in their heads. Although some people are working hard to change the country’s situation, others are only interested in destroying things and blaming the government.

Nana Tea was appalled to see that a gentleman stopped by and dumped a bag of trash at the same location a few minutes after using his own money and energy to clean up the dirtiest gutter at Tema Station, which is also right in front of the Ghana Health Service.

This makes us wonder if this country will ever progress, particularly when its people are the ones who create the problem and blame it on the government.

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If at all practicable, the authorities, especially the Ghana Police, should intervene quickly by patrolling the area and arresting anyone found dumping trash there!

The area used to stink so much that you couldn’t escape it even though you were in an air-conditioned vehicle with your windows rolled up. Nana Tea saw the issue and resolved to be a decent citizen by fixing it, only for another uncivilized being to appear and recreate the problem.

Have a look at the appalling image below.

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