Conquering Borders: The Inspiring Tale of Twelve Ghanaians on the Road from Accra to London

Twelve adventurous Ghanaians embarked on an extraordinary road trip from Accra to London, covering an impressive distance of 10,000 kilometers. Over a span of sixteen days, they traversed multiple countries, following their meticulously planned itinerary. In contrast, a non-stop flight from Accra to London takes a mere six hours and thirty minutes, while the fastest one-stop flight requires approximately ten hours. However, air travel can also be unpredictable, with waiting times and stopovers potentially extending the journey to a lengthy 37 hours.

The team, consisting of twelve men and one woman, had nurtured this ambitious plan since 2018. Unfortunately, their aspirations were momentarily thwarted by the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, which led to the closure of borders worldwide. Undeterred by the circumstances, they began undertaking domestic road trips within Ghana, honing their travel skills and accumulating experiences. Their excursions within the country were so frequent that Kwabena Peprah, one of the travelers, admitted losing count of the exact number, estimating it to be in the high double-digit range.

Furthermore, the group conducted trial runs across various West African nations, preparing themselves for the challenges that lay ahead. Finally, on Sunday, July 23, 2023, they set off from Accra, embarking on their epic journey. Their convoy comprised two Toyota Land Cruisers, a Ford Raptor, a Land Rover Defender, a Mercedes-AMG G 63, and a Lexus RX350. Along the way, they encountered and shared their experiences with security personnel at different African borders, showcasing the vehicles that accompanied them on their expedition. Moreover, they had the privilege of meeting Ghanaian diplomats during their sojourn in certain countries.

As of now, the group has not yet reached their final destination of London. Nevertheless, their determination has led them to cross Spain, inching closer to their ultimate goal. The journey has undoubtedly been arduous, surpassing the hours spent on a flight. With their Facebook posts capturing the attention of many, the world eagerly awaits their safe arrival in London, where their incredible feat will be celebrated.


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