Becca Has Become Inactive In The Music Industry Ever Since She Got Married And Had A Child – Beverly Afaglo Laments

Actress Beverly Afaglo has brought attention to the challenges faced by women in the entertainment industry when it comes to balancing pregnancy, motherhood, and marriage with their careers.

The mother of two revealed that she lost a role in a television series due to her motherly obligations. With her first child being six months old at the time, Beverly found it difficult to stay on set late into the night as her baby required breastfeeding before bedtime.

However, her decision to leave early was met with criticism, and the producer ultimately advised her to prioritize her motherly responsibilities, resulting in her role being dropped from later episodes of the series.

Furthermore, being married has also posed obstacles to Beverly’s career. She shared that some directors expressed their inability to cast her for certain roles she had previously played because of her marital status.

While she appreciates the respect she receives as a wife, Beverly believes that as an actress, her marital status should not hinder her from portraying diverse roles.

She firmly believes that if she can successfully portray a character, there should be no reason why she should not be given the opportunity to do so.

“Unfortunately, the producer called to advise that she should stay at home and take care of her motherly responsibilities, and her role was dropped in later episodes of the series.”

Being married definitely slowed me down because some of the directors told me they couldn’t cast me for certain roles which I played previously because I’m a wife.
I love that they give me such respect but as an actress, it is my duty to act irrespective of my marital status; so if I can perfectly play a role, I don’t see the reason why I should not be given the chance,” she stated.

Look at Beyonce, because she is a big brand, her team is able to push her works when she brings something out but we know all that this is the Beyonce we knew before marriage because being a wife and a mother affected her.

“Same with Becca, she was very loud and everywhere but that is not happening with her now. You have colleagues you started with, they are single so they will keep working and then, childbirth also slows you down since you can be off for a year and half.

“And then by the time you get back to business, people have taken over your position,” she said during an interview on Accra based Kingdom FM”.


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