Ayisha Modi shows off his handsome son as he celebrates his birthday in new Photos

Yussif Abass Giwa, the son of Ayisha Modi, also known as She Loves Stonebwoy, is a year older today, July 5, 2021, and she has been subjected to a media frenzy.

Yussif, who resembles his mother, is presently the topic of the internet, with his photos clogging up many people’s feeds.

Yussif looks to be having a great time in fresh images and videos obtained by Bestshowbiz.com. He appears to be getting a lot of pampering.

He was seen wearing a suede-like outfit and striking a variety of postures in front of a fake tiger to commemorate his birthday.

The young kid was spotted grinning with joy as he celebrated his eighth birthday today, and he also used the opportunity to flaunt his swag.

Ayisha Modi, the young prince’s mother, is among many praising him, with her timeline flooded with his images and remarks.

below are his photos;

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