A Nigerian man harvests and enjoys edible larvae, boasting about their incredible sweetness

A Nigerian farmer named Naija Farmer has recently gained attention on Twitter after he posted photos of edible larvae that he had harvested from shea trees. The photos quickly went viral, with many users expressing their curiosity and willingness to taste the larvae.

Naija Farmer highlighted the nutritional value of these larvae, claiming that they are highly nutritious and can be consumed either raw or dried. He suggested that they could be used as a garnish for vegetables or enjoyed as a snack on the farm. In addition, he asked his fellow Nigerians to share the name of the larvae in their local languages and if they had ever tried it before.

The response from his followers was mixed. Some claimed to have tried the larvae in the past and praised its delicious taste and high protein content. One user even shared that in her local dialect, the larvae is called “KANYI” and that it holds a special place in her heart due to memories of her late mother.

However, not everyone was enthusiastic about trying the larvae. Some expressed their apprehension and discomfort at the sight of it, indicating that they would not be willing to give it a try.

Overall, Naija Farmer’s post sparked a lively discussion among his Twitter followers, with some embracing the idea of trying this unique delicacy, while others preferred to stick to more familiar foods.


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