Story of how a man moved from being a security man to senior staff of a bank

Security man turns banker
A Nigerian banker user shared this story of how a man named Idris managed to move from being a security man at the bank he works into being a senior staff at the same bank.

The story is worth publishing as it is a very inspiring one; clearly showing and suggesting that hard-work together with a determined mind can really do the magic.

The banker shared the story in a Facebook post and we wish to present it to you. Sit tight and read the lengthy but inspiring story of how Idris turned from a Security guard to senior stuff in just a week.

Narration below:

From the first day, I resumed in the XYZ branch, September 2015, I had noticed IDRIS, the security man. You could not miss him with his smart and military-like salute for staff and customers.

A few months down the line, he requested to see me and told me, “Oga, I have an OND certificate and I am almost through with my University degree program(Part-Time).” Wow, I was amazed but happy for him and encouraged him.

Fast-forward to Dec 2019, one of our staff members got a higher role in the bank and was about to be moved to another department. Idris came to me and told me he was qualified and interested in the ‘would be vacant position’. My interest was piqued. Nothing gets me more than people’s development especially my team members.

One of the initiatives I introduced,(away from the norm,)was insisting that all security guards be part of the daily meetings and knowledge sharing sessions.

This helped them a lot in product knowledge, public speaking and they were smarter and more confident than their contemporaries. This also helped the branch as output was increased and all our KPIs were achieved. Let me get back to the STORY and not bore you with HISTORY.

Cutting to the chase, I got in touch with the recruiting department for that vacancy, the aptitude test for that role was scheduled for him, an interview was conducted, he passed all and was moved from being the security man all within a week.

The picture showed us together on his last day as a security guard on FRIDAY and his First day inside the branch the following MONDAY.

The above happened January 2020 and I was deployed to another location shortly after. I am sharing now (WITH HIS PERMISSION)because I was at his branch yesterday and his supervisors attest to his commitment to the job.

Idris, this is not where you ought to be, but it is better than where you were. Remember what I usually tell you all; “SUCCESS is where PREPARATION AND OPPORTUNITY meet.

LESSONS LEARNT; Idris was adept as a security man. This was evident in the way I noticed his salute out of his colleagues.

Add something to the way you work. Those little extras matter. Be ready to take the bulls by its horns sometimes. If he didn’t approach me to inform me of his academic qualifications and his interest in the vacancy, I would never have considered him.

As a supervisor, you must be approachable and accessible. That category of staff you term ‘unimportant’ is actually very important to you and the success of your team.

Your driver, the elevator guy, the security guard, the so-called ‘Contract staff’ in your unit are important!! THINK ABOUT IT. As a boss, actively seek out opportunities to develop and uplift your team members. They would go all out to ensure your success too.

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