A Ghanaian man working in the United States has died after a forklift fell on him. (video)

Paul Gato, a middle-aged Ghanaian man, was killed in the United States when a forklift collapsed on him.

Paul Gato, 41, died at his workplace, a Home Depot on Merrilee Drive in Fairfax, on Tuesday.

Paul Gato was operating a forklift to unload products from a delivery truck when it fell on him, according to the report.

He apparently died after being trapped beneath the forklift. According to the police, he died on the spot.

According to a friend and coworker of the deceased who talked to the media:

He’s assisting folks here even before his cup is full,’ he remarked. “He was a big-hearted person, a very optimistic thinker, a giver, and a nurturer.”

According to News MTorres, Paul Gato traveled from Ghana to the United States in search of brighter pastures to support his family, but he tragically died after being caught under a forklift at his workplace.

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Paul Gato was a resident of Woodbridge, Virginia. He is claimed to have just visited Ghana after attending a loved one’s burial.