Zion Felix speaks for the first time after his baby mama gave him a strong warning – Watch video

In a recent turn of events, Mina Lawani, the first baby mama and ex-girlfriend of celebrity blogger Zionfelix, has called him out for posting a picture of her to wish her a happy birthday. This incident comes after a series of dramatic events between the two individuals.

It all started a few months ago when Zionfelix impregnated Erica, a woman based in Italy, around the same time that Mina was also pregnant with his child. This entanglement led to Mina deciding to step back from the relationship and allow Zionfelix to pursue his marriage with Erica, who also has his child.

On Mina’s birthday, which fell on July 16th, Zionfelix decided to celebrate her on his Instagram page with a romantic note. However, Mina did not take kindly to this gesture and responded with hostility on her Instagram stories, asking Zionfelix to delete the post.

Feeling heartbroken and betrayed, Mina made it clear that she wants nothing to do with Zionfelix and requested him to remove her picture from his page. In order to avoid any further drama, Zionfelix chose to delete the post.

When asked about this issue in a recent radio interview, Zionfelix refused to confirm or dismiss the claims made by Mina. He stated that matters that arise on social media should be dealt with on social media and left at that.

As of now, it seems that Mina has moved on and wants to distance herself from Zionfelix. This incident has further strained their already complicated relationship.

Watch his interview below;


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