Young man refuses to return money after his boss a accidentally paid him 367 times his salary

In a surprising turn of events, a man from Somogy County in Hungary found himself unexpectedly wealthy after his employer mistakenly deposited a staggering 367 times his salary into his bank account. Rather than returning the money, the unidentified man chose to hold onto it, citing his fear of returning to a life of poverty.

The incident occurred when the man took on a short-term job with a company in Kaposvár. He was initially supposed to receive 92,549 forints ($260) as his salary, but due to an error, the company wired him an astounding 92,549 euros instead.

This mistake arose from the man providing an Austrian bank account, which required the payment to be made in euros. Unfortunately, the company failed to convert the forints to euros and transferred the incorrect amount.

Upon discovering the error, the company promptly contacted the man and requested the return of the excessive payment. However, the man claimed that he no longer had access to the Austrian bank account where the money had been deposited. This led the company to file a police complaint, initiating investigations into the matter.

Subsequent investigations revealed that the man had withdrawn approximately 15,500 euros from the Austrian account using an ATM in southern Hungary.

He then proceeded to transfer these funds to another bank account. To aid in recovering the remaining money, the Kaposvár District Prosecutor’s Office assisted the company in freezing the accused man’s Austrian bank account. This action resulted in the retrieval of almost 72,000 euros, with hopes of recovering the rest of the amount.

Meanwhile, the accused man now faces charges of appropriating property without permission. If found guilty, he could be subjected to serious fines. The case serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of integrity and ethical behavior, even in the face of unexpected wealth.


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