You Can’t Even Pay My Ghc 50,000 – Ayisha Modi Dirties Diamond Appiah Over Bofowaa In New Video

– Ayisha Modi slams Diamond Appiah over her criticism of Bofowaa Ciara
– Ayisha reveals that Diamond owes her Ghc 500,000 but hasn’t been able to pay even Ghc 50,000
– Diamond mocked Ciara for working as a live-in nurse in the United States
– Ayisha defends Ciara and calls out Diamond for comparing herself to Bofowaa
– Ayisha trolls Diamond for claiming to be a billionaire but failing to raise the money she owes

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Ayisha Modi Calls Out Diamond Appiah for Criticizing Bofowaa Ciara and Failing to Pay Debts

In the world of Ghanaian entertainment, drama, and feuds among public figures are not uncommon. Recently, Ayisha Modi, a well-known social media personality, took to her platform to slam Diamond Appiah for her audacious lifestyle and failure to pay back a debt.

It all started when Diamond Appiah attacked Bofowaa Ciara, the ex-wife of Ghanaian pastor Obofour. Appiah, in her quest to engage in a proxy war with Nana Agradaa, dragged Ciara into the mix. She mocked Ciara for working as a live-in nurse in the United States, questioning how a supposedly wealthy pastor like Obofour would allow his wife to perform such menial tasks to make ends meet.

Ayisha Modi, infuriated by these comments, came to the defense of Ciara and launched a scathing attack on Diamond Appiah. Modi emphasized that Diamond should not dare compare herself to Bofowaa, as the latter is far more accomplished and well-off than Appiah. She ridiculed Diamond for constantly referring to herself as a billionaire online, despite her inability to raise even Ghc 50,000 to repay a debt of Ghc 500,000 owed to Modi.

Ayisha Modi’s criticism shed light on Diamond Appiah’s purported lavish lifestyle, which appears to be nothing more than a facade. Despite claiming to be a billionaire, Appiah has failed to fulfill her financial obligations, leaving Modi frustrated and disappointed. The debt in question stems from a failed land deal between the two parties.

As a proficient news writer, it is evident that this ongoing feud between Ayisha Modi and Diamond Appiah has captured the attention of many. The public eagerly awaits any further developments in this saga, as both individuals continue to engage in verbal sparring.

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