You are married but Your manager slept with you – Lady blasts Asantewaa for publicly disgracing Ama Official (Video

– TikToker calls out Asantewaa for sl*t shaming Ama Official
– Reminds Asantewaa of her own past actions
– Points out the hypocrisy in Asantewaa’s condemnation
– Highlights the consequences of Asantewaa’s words for her own brother
– Emphasizes that Asantewaa has no right to judge Ama Official

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 TikToker Exposes Asantewaa’s Hypocrisy

In a recent viral video, a TikToker bravely confronted Asantewaa for her attempt to shame Ama Official, a young TikToker who allegedly slept with Asantewaa’s brother. With a calm and composed demeanor, the TikToker called Asantewaa out for her hypocritical behavior, pointing out that she herself has engaged in actions far worse than what she accuses Ama Official of.

The TikToker reminded Asantewaa that she was once involved in an extramarital affair with her manager, an act that ultimately led to the collapse of her own marriage. This revelation served as a powerful reminder that Asantewaa is in no position to condemn Ama Official or label her as promiscuous.

Furthermore, the TikToker boldly stated that by calling Ama Official a “cheap girl,” Asantewaa indirectly labeled her own brother as a “cheap guy” for engaging in the alleged act with Ama Official. This statement aimed to make Asantewaa realize the consequences her words have for her own family members, highlighting the potential damage caused by her public shaming.

The TikToker went on to assert that if Ama Official had any sexually transmitted diseases, Asantewaa’s brother would also be carrying them by now. This powerful statement aimed to challenge Asantewaa’s judgmental attitude and force her to recognize the impact of her words on both Ama Official and her own brother.

Watch the video below;


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