Wonderful transformation: See photos of the fat bride who is now slim and curvy after marriage.

Love is lovely, and those who have been in love with someone who loves you exactly the way you are can attest to how love should be.

One social media influencer posted about the couple who married when the lady was still obese. The pair is unusual since they married while the woman was so huge, and she has a  fat physique that most men despise.

Jia Miranda and Elijah Miranda married in a place where there was no hope. I’m sure when they married, everyone was wondering what Elijah’s intentions were for Jia.

Looking back to where Jia and Elijah came from, they had to fight a huge war with no possibility of victory. And I’m sure by the time they married, everyone was virtually condemning their relationship.

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According to Jia Miranda’s Facebook page, she seems even more stunning than before. Every time she takes a picture, she posts it on social media to remind herself of how she used to appear.

I’m relieved that Elijah did not turn his back on Jia. He has accompanied her on her weight-loss journey to where they are today. It’s incredible to see such love still alive.

The lady has dropped weight; she is still a Beauty, but she is the first. There is a significant change between her before and after photos.

Her spouse married her when she was at her most vulnerable, and he has continued to show her his love and never given up on her. He never turned away from her. The pair has painful and remarkable moments to share with the world.

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