Woman pours hot water her stepchild’s private parts as punishment for bedwetting

Adiona Mukarakate, 26, is one of the world’s meanest stepmothers.

Last week, her stepchildren Alvin (7) and Alicia (7) (actual names omitted) were in hospital beds puzzled.

Their faces betrayed tremendous trauma and terror. Mukarakate has mistreated them physically and mentally.

An anonymous caller contacted the cops after Mukarakate reportedly splashed boiling water on the kids’ privates as punishment for bedwetting.

He had his manhood severed with an unknown sharp instrument.

The kids live with their stepmothers in Marondera’s Yellow City area.

According to Section 7 of the Children’s Protection And Adoption Act Chapter 5:06, Mukarakate has been charged with “Ill-treatment or Neglect of Children or Young Persons.”

According to court documents, Mukarakate was abandoned by his father in January of this year.

The kids soiled the bed, which enraged their stepmother, who beat them with a frying stick on the buttocks.

She poured hot water on the boy’s back before slashing his manhood with an unknown sharp weapon.

To punish the girl, the accused splashed boiling water over her privates.

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The children will be brought to their father’s aunt in Zvimba, stated an unnamed government official.

“The kids were treated at Marondera Provincial Hospital and recovered. The Social Welfare Department and other parties decided to transport the kids to Zvimba to see their father’s aunt. “They’ll stay,” the official stated.

Because their father is a truck driver, he is always away. The two 7-year-olds have different moms. One of the mothers has gone missing. The second child’s mother remarried, and her new partner opposes staying with her. This is the ground.

He stayed with his kids and married Mukarakate, whom he trusted with their custody. So this is how it went. We had to identify the kids’ aunt who would look after them.”

A closer glance at the youngster reveals a malformation on his hand.

The officer stated that if the abuse was not reported quickly, the youngsters may have suffered worse.

“The youngster injured his hand while playing but was not hospitalized. The hand self-healed, thus the deformity. It is abuse. “If the assault was not reported in time, the youngster may have lost his manhood,” the source continued.

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Her kid is being nursed by the victims’ father while she is in jail.

Inspector Simon Chazovachi, the spokesperson for the Mashonaland East provincial police, asked the public to report child abuse instances.

Residents of Marondera have called on authorities to arrest the accused of his heinous crimes.