“When you are successful help your family, so if you go down they can help you back up”- Reno Omokri

some families have one individual who is wealthy and possesses all of the wealth. As a result, if money is needed for some initiative or service, everybody looks to this individual for financial assistance.

This fellow, among other items, pays school fees and supports funerals.

What we realize now is that in a few years, this individual who has been bearing all of the financial pressures will go bankrupt, and everything will crumble to the ground.

Reno Omokri, a Nigerian poet, wonders why this is the case.

He recommended in a tweet that if you win, you can support other family members as well so that if you go down, they will still come to your aid.

Reno wrote, in his own words:

“When you succeed, fine time to light your family’s fire, so that if your own fire goes out, they can also return the favour and light your fire back. There’s a risk of darkness if you are the only light in the family.:

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