"We were subjected to more beatings at Burma Camp"- Victim Of Soldier Brutality In Ashaiman Reveals

“We were subjected to more beatings at Burma Camp”- Victim Of Soldier Brutality In Ashaiman Reveals

After being released from prison, a man who had been subjected to mistreatment at the hands of the military at their facility in Burma Camp has spoken out about his ordeal.

More than 150 persons were arrested when highly armed members of the Ghana Armed Force raided Taifa, an Ashaiman neighborhood, earlier on Tuesday and subjected locals to different types of cruelty.

The Military High Command declared that the operation was intended to locate the murderers of Sheriff Imoro, a 21-year-old soldier.

On Thursday, evidence was acquired indicating some of the over 150 persons who had been detained by the military and later released had been subjected to further beatings while detained.

One of the victims told the media that the soldiers had said that the reason for the beating was because they had disregarded the dying soldier’s screams for help.

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He alleged that following their imprisonment, they were taken to Burma Camp for an inquiry on the Commander’s instructions after initially being sent to Michel Camp.

“The reason they gave was that when the military man was crying for help, we the community members were even not ready to assist. They are the ones defending us so why can’t we also defend their neighbor?”

At Burma Camp, it wasn’t an easy task. We went through a lot,” a victim said.

“We were not beaten at Michel Camp, we were just there waiting but after that, we were taken to Burma Camp at 4:00 pm. When we got to Burma Camp that was when some soldiers were around and they were beating us.”