“We in Jehovah’s witnesses, we don’t take blood transfusion”; Nigerian couples claims as their daughter nears death – Video

A Nigerian couple has become the talk of the day as they refuse blood transfusion for their daughter who nears death.

from the video as we sighted their daughter is suffering from Hydrocephalus which might require surgery and a transfusion.

but from the couple they are, Jehovah’s Witnesses and their beliefs do not permit them to take blood.

the father said;

“We in Jehovah’s witnesses, we don’t take blood,”

he added;

“I would not want to transfuse blood into the child. We will not accept a blood transfusion. If in the course of surgery they would transfuse blood in the child, we would not want that. I don’t want my baby to die but that is our faith” 

well, this is how some religions and beliefs have brought us…

watch the video below;

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