Watch Video: Presiding Officer of Electoral Commission caught on camera taking bribe at Assin North

– Presiding officer of the Electoral Commission caught in electoral malpractice during Assin North by-election

– Caught attempting to bribe a Ghana Police Service officer
– Video evidence: Male EC officer trying to take back cash believed to be in GHS5 notes, but forced to hand it over
– The viral footage, the presiding officer being questioned

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Presiding Officer of Electoral Commission Caught in Electoral Malpractice**

In a shocking turn of events during the Assin North by-election, a presiding officer of the Electoral Commission (EC) has been exposed for engaging in electoral malpractice. The incident came to light when an agent witnessed the officer attempting to bribe a Ghana Police Service officer, leading to a viral video on Twitter.

In the video, the male EC officer can be seen trying to retrieve cash, suspected to be in GHS5 notes, after realizing that he had been caught. However, he was compelled to complete the illicit transaction and hand over the money to the security officer. The footage clearly captures the moment when the culprit is confronted and taken in for interrogation.

This incident raises serious concerns about the integrity of the electoral process and the role of those entrusted with ensuring fair and transparent elections. The actions of this presiding officer not only undermine democratic principles but also erode public trust in the electoral system.

It is imperative that swift and decisive action is taken in response to this incident. The Electoral Commission must thoroughly investigate the matter and hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. The public deserves to know that such malpractices will not be tolerated and that measures are in place to prevent their recurrence.

In conclusion, the exposure of a presiding officer of the Electoral Commission engaging in electoral malpractice during the Assin North by-election is a grave matter. It highlights the need for continuous vigilance and strong measures to uphold the integrity of our democratic processes. The Electoral Commission must take immediate steps to restore public confidence and ensure that such misconduct is not repeated in the future.


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