Video: Real face of Akumaa Mama Zimbi without her huge headscarf stirs the internet

Akumaa Mama Zimbi, a popular Ghanaian television/radio presenter, has created a stir online with a new video of herself wearing her famous hair scarf.

Odo Ahomaso, the host of Adom FM/’Odo TV’s Ahomaso’ show, is one of those people who will never leave the house without her custom-made hair scarf.

While dancing, Akumaa decided to take her scarf off and show off her natural hair, which has resulted in a lot of mixed reactions to her new video, which she posted to her Tiktok page.

Some of her fans advised her to stop wearing the large scarf because it was damaging her hair, while others stated that they now understand why Akumaa always wears a large scarf.

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