Video of Barack Obama’s daughter smoking in public goes viral

Sasha Obama, the second child of Barack Obama the 44th President of the United States of America (USA), has gotten criticism from various netizens after being caught smoking in public.

Barack Obama’s daughter was seen wearing a brassier with a maxi skirt and smoking with her friends in the video provided by Say Cheese on Twitter.

Social media users who saw the photographs reacted to them.

Some internet users felt that the daughter of such a renowned politician should not exhibit such behavior.

Others argued the lady is now of legal age and is free to do whatever she wants, and that because her father is no longer president, people should stop passing judgment on her.

Aside from her smoking, some social media users expressed concern about the 22-year-old woman’s physical figure.

“Young people are always smoking. Why are you people so intent on putting this chick in the spotlight? This is how you begin with your unneeded pressure. Allow her to live her life as the young girl she is. It’s none of your concern. “Let her breathe!” said one netizen.

“How could she behave like a human?! She should be embarrassed! Another netizen said, “She should present herself as the high-class individual she is!”

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