Video: “Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is gấy, I supply him diapers and pill”- Pharmacist exposes the prominent lawyer

Lawyer Maurice Ampaw, an active supporter of the National People’s Party (NPP), has been accused of being a gay by a pharmacist.

LGBTQ: Pharmacist claims Lawyer Maurice Ampaw is gay, reveals he supplies him pills and diapers for his dripping anυs [Video]

According to him, he provides the lawyer with medications and diapers to assist him in dealing with his leaking anus, which has deteriorated as a result of his partner’s continual gay sex with him.

A viral video featuring the acclaimed pharmacist, who goes by the name of Philip Nana Yaw Badu, claims that Lawyer Mariruce Ampaw’s decision to support the legalization of LGBTQ in Ghana is motivated by his own engagement in gay sex and recognition as a homosexual.

“He’s a recognized homosexual,” says the acclaimed pharmacist.

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In the video below, he goes into great detail…

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