US-Based Ghanaians report Cecelia Dapaah to the FBI and IRS for investigating the source of her money

Several US government agencies have been approached with a complaint requesting an investigation into potential money-laundering activities involving $1 million. The funds are believed to have been taken by domestic servants from the private property of Cecelia Dapaah, a former government minister in Ghana. The complaint, penned by Grace Loki, expresses doubts about the Ghanaian government’s ability to conduct an impartial investigation.

To ensure an unbiased inquiry, Loki reached out to various US agencies, including the DEA, Federal Reserve, Treasury Department, and FBI.

She questions how a minister could have such a large sum of money at home and highlights concerns about the government’s objectivity.

Loki is convinced that the Ghanaian government may not guarantee a fair resolution, which is why she believes it is necessary for the IRS to conduct a thorough investigation and for any taxes owed on Dapaah’s US property to be paid.

The scandal deepens with allegations that some of Dapaah’s domestic helpers stole not only $1 million but also €300,000 and GH350,000. Furthermore, significant losses in terms of clothing, handbags, perfumes, jewelry, and various fabrics have been reported by Dapaah and her spouse.


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