“Tithe Paying Is Useless, Only People With Less Intelligence And Understanding Do” – KSM Publicly States

Video: "Tithe Paying Is Useless, Only People With Less Intelligence And Understanding Do" KSM Publicly States 1

Ghanaian veteran actor and KSM show host, Kwaku Sintim-Misa has sparked a controversy in an interview with Eugene of Nkonkonsa Media as he has declared that it is useless and un-understandable to pay tithe in church.

in the course of the Interview, the 63 -year-old host lashed out at how religion is taking a turn nowadays – revealing that despite his father being the head of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana while alive, he is no longer a religious person. he stressed that religion now entreats people to do good just in order to gain in return which is not supposed to be the case.

speaking on the matter of payment of tithe, he said that although the Bible clearly states “God loves a cheerful giver“, but contrary to this, Christians trade tithes for blessings which doesn’t make them cheerful givers.

These debatable and profound assertions were made by K.S.M in the hour-plus video below.

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