Tima Kumkum Steps Out With Rough Wig And No Makeup At Sunday Thanksgiving Service After Wedding (Video)

– Tima Kumkum’s wedding has been trending on social media, capturing everyone’s attention.
– Tima Kumkum’s appearance at the Thanksgiving Service: No makeup, tangled hair, and casual attire.
– Social media reactions: Questioning her fashion sense and criticizing her look.

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Tima Kumkum’s Wedding Stirring up Social Media Buzz

Tima Kumkum, the popular Adom FM show host, has become the talk of social media after tying the knot over the weekend. From her engagement on Thursday, July 13th to their Thanksgiving Service on Sunday, July 16th, Tima Kumkum has been all over the media with her wedding programs. However, it’s not just the wedding itself that has caught people’s attention; it’s Tima Kumkum’s appearance at the post-wedding event that has sparked a wave of discussions.

In a video that has recently surfaced on social media, Tima and her husband were seen all loved up in their matching outfits, embracing the bliss of being newlyweds. But what stood out to many viewers was Tima Kumkum’s seemingly carefree and casual look. With no makeup and her hair appearing tangled or rough, some social media users couldn’t help but question her fashion sense on such an important day.

How could a new bride step out like this on the Sunday following her wedding? The absence of glam and the lack of effort put into her appearance has raised eyebrows and led to various comments and criticisms.

While it’s important to remember that personal style and choices differ from one person to another, Tima Kumkum’s appearance has sparked a debate on whether it is appropriate for a newlywed to present themselves in such a casual manner after their wedding. Social media platforms have been buzzing with contrasting opinions, with some praising her for embracing a natural and effortless look, while others express disappointment in her lack of effort.

In conclusion, Tima Kumkum’s wedding has not only captured attention for the joyous occasion itself but has also stirred up discussions about personal style and presentation. It serves as a reminder that societal expectations and norms can greatly influence how we perceive others, even on special occasions. Ultimately, it is up to individuals to decide how they want to present themselves, regardless of societal expectations.

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