(Mothers are the best) see photo of a hardworking mother carrying load with twins strapped at her back

A heartbreaking photograph of a lady carrying twin kids on her back while carrying a silver basin full of items in a market has elicited emotional reactions among Ghanaians.

Ghanaians react as a lady carrying a basin full of items while carrying twins on her back.

Abigail Awuni, a sports lover and businesswoman, is known on Facebook as Abby Awuni shared the photo on her Facebook page, expressing her sympathy for the mom and the infants’ plight.

The photo was then reshared on Facebook by investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni, who encouraged his followers to assist in locating the woman for possible assistance.

“Can she be found?” “We can make life tolerable for these poor twins if we work together,” he added.

Can she be located? Together we can make life bearable for these unfortunate twins.

He wrote.

Ghanaians reactions.

One Citizen Baffoe wrote: “To think that a man got her pregnant and she has to this all alone… A woman is a god.”

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Another Facebook user, Mariska Araba Taylor said: “She is doing the best she can with what little she has. She is a working woman. The others with their men hiding in the shade watching them begin the hot sun are a different lot. Do not judge. Some of these girls are raped, some do it for street protection from gangs you don’t see during the day.”

Kweku Ayeh wrote: “Why won’t you ask the one who got her pregnant I have twins like that if not they should come to Madina overhead walkway there so many of them there when their fathers are standing there watching their wives suffer me I can’t kill myself over this issue.”

Enoch Assah said: “Meanwhile, this is what she will do and make some savings with the intention to send some coins to her old lady back in the village. There norrrr E-levy bam. And her fellow woman will come and say if you are able to send¢100, you are not poor.”

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Blessed Queen Adewumi wrote: “After helping her, I think we should extend education on family planning and the use of condoms. sometimes when you talk about family planning and you are not fortunate, some people will misunderstand your view.”

“Carrying this heavy load under the sun with two kids behind you? Where are the men responsible for this?