Throwback Pictures of Rawlings that shows he was a charismatic leader (photos)

The death of Jerry John Rawlings came as a shock to all Ghanaians, in the early hours of 12th November 2020, he passed and died after a short illness believed to be coronavirus.

The former president was very Charismatic in all aspects, and the people of Ghana loved him.

During his time as president, he undertook many developmental works across the nation, a clear example is how he extended the electricity supply to the whole of the country.

He was the president that set the standard for the democracy we enjoy today and may as well be the father of our Democracy despite been a military leader.

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He never promoted himself above the army rank he was at even after gaining power, this goes to show how selfless he was.

He was and will forever be one of the founding fathers of the great nation of Ghana.

see photos of him below.