“They promise me iPhone, sleep with me and leave me”- Lady laments on social media

In an anonymous post, a young lady laments her fascination with using iPhones.

She explained that it all began when a friend mocked her for not being able to use her gorgeous body to obtain a standard iPhone.

As a result of this, she began to spread her legs for many guys who promised to gift her an iPhone after a few rounds of pleasure.

The men, on the other hand, never seem to keep their end of the deal.

Read the rest of her message here:

“Dear Nana , I’d like to remain anonymous…

There’s been an obsession to use iPhone and I’m even ready to die for it. What triggered it most is when my bestie insulted me that I can’t afford a common iPhone with all this beauty.

Since nothing comes for free I’ve slept with different guys who promised to give me an iPhone after sex but it all turned to be a scam. I need help I want this obsession to go….”


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