“They had sekz with me through the a**s and later disgraced me for tricking them”- Snapchat man who pretends to be a woman speaks

The Ghanaian Snapchat boy who pretended to be a girl on the social media platform in order to link up with boys for an*l sex has revealed his true identity.

The SnapChat boy, who goes by the handle Clian on the video-sharing platform, went deep into topics in an exclusive interview.

Some boys he had defrauded on the app for money to buy data called him to see him one day, he claimed.

He described how they got into a car, closed the doors, and folded up the window screens. They thrashed him mercilessly, eventually sending him to a local police station for defrauding them and forcing them to chop his an*s without their knowledge.

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Recall Nii Clinton, a Ghanaian boy, pretended to be a lady on Snapchat to hit on people for an*l sex, as we originally reported. After having sexual intercourse through his an*s, the guy wanted to fondle his breast and butt, but he refused.

After finally touching his breast side, he recognized she was a male. He thrashed and beat him.

After he was apprehended, the youngster spoke forward. He claims that all of the men with whom he had sexual relations were aware that she was a he.

He accused the boys who chopped his an*s for not undressing him before entering his an*s.

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Take a look at the complete video below.