Stop bringing Ghc1 and Ghc 2 as collection – Prophet Kumchacha cries out

– Prophet Kumchacha urges the congregation to increase their offerings during church services
– Church is struggling due to hikes in the price of goods
– Kumchacha asks members to give more money to sustain and grow the church
– Social media reactions to Kumchacha’s request

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Prophet Kumchacha Urges Congregation to Increase Offerings for Struggling Church

Prophet Kumchacha, the leader and founder of Heaven’s Gate Ministries, has recently called on his congregation to increase the amount of money they contribute during church services. In video footage that has surfaced online, the controversial preacher expresses concern over the church’s struggle to meet its financial obligations, citing the rising prices of goods as the main cause.

Addressing the congregation, Kumchacha appeals to his members to go beyond the usual Ghc 1, Ghc 2, and Ghc 5 offerings and contribute more generously to the offertory bowls. He emphasizes the need for the church to sustain itself and thrive amidst the challenging economic conditions.

The news of Kumchacha’s plea has sparked various reactions on social media. Some individuals sympathize with the preacher, acknowledging the hardships faced by many Ghanaians in their daily lives. Others, however, question the reliance of pastors solely on offerings for their livelihoods, suggesting that they should consider alternative sources of income.

One social media user points out the difficulty in even acquiring a mere Ghc 1, highlighting the gratitude that should be shown for any contribution made to the church. Another user humorously speculates whether the reduction in meat in Kumchacha’s soup may be influencing his request for higher offerings.

The issue of pastors depending solely on offerings has been a subject of debate. Some individuals wonder why pastors cannot have alternative employment to support themselves, rather than relying entirely on the contributions of their congregations.

In conclusion, Prophet Kumchacha’s call for increased offerings during church services reflects the financial struggles faced by his ministry. While some sympathize with the difficult economic conditions, others question the dependence on offerings for pastors’ livelihoods. The discussion surrounding this topic highlights the various perspectives and opinions on the role of offerings in church finances.

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