Steve Harvey’s wife, was caught cheating with their bodyguard and private chef.

According to reports in Hollywood, Marjorie Harvey, the wife of comedian and TV show presenter Steve Harvey, has been found cheating on him with his bodyguard and private chef.

According to unconfirmed sources, Majorie is seeking a divorce and a portion of Steve Harvey’s $400 million fortune after being found guilty of adultery.

Steve Harvey is a wealthy global icon and a loving husband who adores his wife. On his award-winning show, The Family Feud, he is renowned to coach couples.

Many people who admire and cherish the duo for their relationship goals and fashion sense as they pair up always are surprised by this recent update.

Marjorier cheated on Steve’s ex-wife, and she moved on. Marjorie hired a cousin’s lawyer for his sugar kid to prevent his ex-wife from taking him to court.

Marjorie revealed to the public in 2021 that she had elephant bedroom energy and Steve is now dull in the bedroom.

Steve was cheating on his ex with Marjorie, a side chic. According to internet users, Steve is being given the lunch he gave his ex-wife.

Marjorie stated that she was still looking for hotter men!

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