Shocking Footage: Two men Brutally Assaulted while Engaging in ‘trumu trumu’. (Watch)

A recently trending video on social media in Ghana has sparked mixed reactions among Ghanaians, capturing a controversial moment involving two gay men. The video depicts a disturbing scene where one of the men was completely naked and visibly aroused, suggesting that they were about to engage in a sexual act.

The incident took place in what appears to be a shared living space, as some men believed to be co-tenants forcefully entered the room and started assaulting the couple, landing heavy slaps on them. This aggressive reaction highlights the deeply ingrained social and cultural stigma surrounding homosexuality in Ghana.

Homosexuality remains a highly contentious issue in the country, with negative attitudes prevailing towards the LGBTQ+ community. Notably, public figures, religious leaders, and politicians have consistently expressed strong opposition to same-sex relationships. This widespread opposition has led to instances of violence and discrimination against individuals based on their sexual orientation.

The video’s circulation on social media has sparked heated debates among Ghanaians, with some condemning the violence and advocating for tolerance and respect for individual rights. Others, however, have supported the actions of the co-tenants, citing cultural and religious beliefs as justification for their aggression.

It is crucial to note that this news article aims to present the incident in a neutral and descriptive style, providing an overview of the event without endorsing any particular viewpoint.

Watch the video below.



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