“She is for the streets” – Asantewaa Drops Tall List Of Boys Ama Official Has Slept With

Finally, Tiktok star Asantewaa has broken her silence over allegations of leaking Ama Official’s private video after her brother slept with her.

Tiktok star Asantewaa has finally spoken up regarding the allegations of leaking Ama Official’s private video after her brother allegedly slept with her.

Asantewaa confidently challenges those pushing for Ama Official to confront them, as she claims to have evidence supporting their claims.

She further reveals that Ama Official has seduced many individuals with sexual offers and engaged in sexual activities with them.

Asantewaa even goes on to name some of the victims of Ama Official’s sexual schemes. Additionally, Asantewaa admits to posting a video of Ama Official on her Snapchat for apparent reasons.

Over the past week, Tiktoker Ama Official, Asantewaa, and Asantewaa’s brother have been the subject of public discussion. Ama Official accused Keyverli, Asantewaa’s brother, of taking advantage of her sexually. She also accused Asantewaa of sharing her nude pictures and even cursed her.

In response, Asantewaa suggests that Ama Official is driven by the desire for fame, willingly offering sex to those she believes can assist her in achieving it.


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