Shatta Wale is someone who is very shy when you know him personally – Nadia Adongo Musah Reveals

– Introduction of Nadia Adongo Musah Fynn, Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the President
– Nadia’s favorite Ghanaian musicians: Prof Atamina, Atembila, Gyakie, and Shatta Wale
– Nadia’s surprise revelation about Shatta Wale being shy in his private life
– Cookie T’s disbelief and jokingly mentioning calling Shatta Wale to confirm his shyness
– Nadia clarifying her personal knowledge of Shatta Wale
– Ghanaians’ reactions to Nadia’s appreciation for Shatta Wale
– Nadia’s educational and professional background

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Nadia Adongo Musah Fynn’s Love for Shatta Wale’s Music and Personality Shocks Ghanaians

Nadia Adongo Musah Fynn, the Deputy Director of Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the President, recently appeared on Today’s Woman on TV3 where she revealed her top Ghanaian musicians. Among her favorites were Prof Atamina, Atembila, Gyakie, and Shatta Wale. However, what surprised the host, Cookie T, was Nadia’s description of Shatta Wale as a shy person in his private life.

Nadia expressed her love for Shatta Wale’s spirit and found him hilarious. She mentioned that he is a very shy person when known personally, despite his lively and humorous personality on stage. Cookie T jokingly stated that she would call Shatta Wale later to confirm his shyness, expressing her disbelief.

Nadia clarified that she knew Shatta Wale on a personal level, which led to Ghanaians adding their opinions to the conversation. Some users found it hard to believe that Shatta Wale could be shy, while others suggested that Nadia might not fully understand the showbiz industry or know Shatta Wale well enough.

Apart from her admiration for Shatta Wale, Nadia Adongo Musah has a BA in Gerontology and holds certifications in Volunteer coordination and Counselling Skills Fundamentals for Loss and Life. She also has professional experience in management roles in long-term care and Volunteer Coordination in Canada. In February 2017, she was appointed as the Deputy Director for Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the President.

In conclusion, Nadia Adongo Musah Fynn’s revelation about Shatta Wale’s shyness in his private life has surprised many Ghanaians. Her love for his music and personality has sparked discussions among the public.


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